Hot Industry Issues


Wondering About the Future of the Trucking Industry? Check Out a Truck Stop

It’s not hard to see the direction the trucking industry is headed if you’ve spent any time looking around a truck stop lately.


A Trucker Shortage? Really?

There are just not enough incentives to drive a truck for a living anymore. The big wages are gone.

Truckers Aren’t Welcome in Ontario

It isn’t difficult to recognize the signs that indicate truckers aren’t welcome in Ontario, Canada.

Trucker Pay Issues

Trucker Pay Changes For 2015: For Better or For Worse?

Before Anne Ferro resigned as the head of the FMCSA, in 2014, she put before congress an act entitled, the ‘Grow America Act’. Within the body of this act, lies a request for Congress to allow the U.S. DOT to mandate that truck drivers be paid by the hours for all on duty hours spent […]


Trucker Pay: Pay the Truck Driver By the Hour

What REALLY needs to happen? It’s not rocket science…. pay the truck driver by the hour, for big delays such as this


Truck Driver Pay Incentive Plans Can Be a Scam

Rather than increase the mileage rate for truck drivers, recently trucking companies have the idea that a ‘driver incentive’ plan is a ‘better deal for drivers’….a tricky way to lead truckers to believe they are being paid a better wage.

Safety Concerns:


Tired Truckers: Professional Drivers Asleep at the Wheel

Truck driver fatigue is still a problem on our highways.


Trucking & Time Sensitive Freight: Who’s Responsible for Safety?

There is a notable lack of control over time sensitive freight movement. If safety is a primary concern on our highways today, is everyone doing their best to protect the lives of others and still be in agreement with the concept of shipping ‘time sensitive’ freight?

tractor trailer accident

Tractor Trailer Accidents Provoke Huge Insurance Increase

It looks like the powers that be are about to ‘slap’ the trucking industry just one more time…. though this time it looks like it might knock us cold.
Rep. Matt Cartwright, has brought a bill proposing that the minimum insurance requirements for carriers be increased. Presently, the minimum amount of insurance required for carriers of $750,000 was established over 30 years ago. The proposal wants to raise that threshold to 4.4 million….. absolute insanity!