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Drive a Big Rig: It’s All I Ever Wanted to Do

Here’s a guy who only ever wanted to drive a big rig for a living. He wanted to be a trucker, in spite of all the ups and downs of the trucking industry. I thought, ‘Right on…


Trucker Pay: Pay the Truck Driver By the Hour

What REALLY needs to happen? It’s not rocket science…. pay the truck driver by the hour, for big delays such as this

Poor Health of Truck Drivers

Poor health of truck drivers is becoming quite common. It’s literally ‘killing’ many drivers.



DPF System Deletions Cause Stir in Trucking Industry

The DPF System deletions is causing much commotion in the trucking business. Many owner operators and entire fleets are seeking out shops that will perform this work on their rigs, for fuel efficiency.

Gas Pump Nozzle

Freightliner’s New Fuel Efficient Truck

Spec and buy what’s going to be the most profitable for you in your application.


More California Regulations

As you may well know, CARB is California’s big push to control emissions in that state. California feels highway trucks and their reefer trailers are a big part of this problem.

Safety Concerns:


Tired Truckers: Professional Drivers Asleep at the Wheel

Truck driver fatigue is still a problem on our highways.


Trucking & Time Sensitive Freight: Who’s Responsible for Safety?

There is a notable lack of control over time sensitive freight movement. If safety is a primary concern on our highways today, is everyone doing their best to protect the lives of others and still be in agreement with the concept of shipping ‘time sensitive’ freight?

tractor trailer accident

Tractor Trailer Accidents Provoke Huge Insurance Increase

It looks like the powers that be are about to ‘slap’ the trucking industry just one more time…. though this time it looks like it might knock us cold.
Rep. Matt Cartwright, has brought a bill proposing that the minimum insurance requirements for carriers be increased. Presently, the minimum amount of insurance required for carriers of $750,000 was established over 30 years ago. The proposal wants to raise that threshold to 4.4 million….. absolute insanity!